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 "I am proud of who I am." AmaSepiaChan                                                  
 Art to inspire and to heal


"Kuboro's Foo Dog" Guardian of the Gate


AmaSepiaChan's Artworks: 

Amaranthia Sepia means eternal brown flower. Amaranthia chose AmaSepiaChan,as her artist name, when she was just 8.

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"When something bad happens you have three choices. You can let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you."---unknown


AmaSepiaChan's Mission:

To inspire and help to heal people through art.



New York Times best selling author Dodinsy says about our site, in a comment on our contact page:

"What a beautiful website and fantastic artworks. I am so proud that you turned adversity to something very inspirational.  May you continue to be the awesome you and keep on inspiring others. Much love." Dodinsky

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Here you will find AmaSepiaChan's suggested anti-bullying resources, original artwork, music recital videos from music school, favorite causes and more. We are constantly adding more information and updating links so stay tuned! 


In AmaSepiaChan's Words

Anti-bullying message: Do You Know Who I Am? 

Positive Change:The Greatest Change In My Life

 I Am That Girl: Body-Empowerment On My Terms

AmaSepia's Bio and Artist Statement

Interview with Concord Monitor

Exhibits went from October 2013-May 2014

The above solo art exhibits were held at the Oscar Foss Public Library,Barnstead, NH and Chichester Public Library, Chichester, NH.  AmaSepiaChan also exhibited at New Hampshire Technical Institute, Concord, NH and The Works Cafe, Concord, NH and Merrimack Bank, Main St, Concord, NH. She poses with Janice Metzger who booked the Oscar Foss and Chichester Library shows.


View Artistinfo UK Gallery Pages Below:

AmaSepiaChan and UK 19-year-old teen artist Amber-Lauren Ballantyne-Styles.  


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